The exhibition “Quo Vadis Homo”, created in cooperation with students from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Novi Sad, is an integral part of the Reshaping Work Conference East and Southeast European (ESE) Edition.

The exhibition incorporates the thematic framework of the conference by dealing with the future of work in a digital environment, and providing an artistic interpretation of the challenges ahead of us, which include the problems of human work, communication, sustainable development, and ecology. 

The future of digital work is rapidly evolving, with developments in all aspects of human endeavor and industries producing numerous new occupations. These wide-ranging changes also call for suitable artistic expressions. This exhibition showcases text adventure games, comics, animated GIFs, illustrations, architectural designs, video installations, and sculptures – forms of art both old and new. Each student has drawn on his own modes of creative expression to respond to the challenge posed by the topic of the #RWNS2020. The exhibited works explore the relationship between art and technology, man and machine, animate and inanimate, seeking to use artistic intuition to glimpse the challenges of the future.

The student projects that will be exhibited are interactive video games, short cartoon animations, comics, architectural projects, installations and the like. Students from the Department of Dramatic Arts enrolled in the Audiovisual Media study program, as well as students from the Department of Fine Arts enrolled in the Interior Design and New Media Art study programs participated in the creation of the exhibition.

We invite you to join us for the art exhibition opening on February 26th , or to visit the exhibition after the conference program on February 27th or 28th. The exhibition is located at Svilara Cultural Station.

Expert team

Mileta Postić

Student workshop coordinator

Manojlo Maravić

Author of the catalogue narrative

Vukašin Šoć

Member of the team

Ivan Francuski

Member of the team